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2012: a year of Reversion

Last year, I spent a few days creating a long review of the year 2011, resulting in the post ”2011: a year of revolution”, and, while the previous year was … Läs mer


2011: a year of Revolution

”Stay foolish. Stay hungry.” Famous words made immortal by a great man and a brilliant entrepreneur; you might have recognised the sentences from Apple and Pixar founder Steve Jobs’ Stanford … Läs mer


Medicine is a very philosophical endeavour

To generalise, life is about embracing one’s humanity (or, in some cases, heed to a fictional being that there are 2 800 versions of). Humanity’s essence is the thinking process, … Läs mer

31 januari, 2013

Om Palme varit aktiv idag

Det är visserligen en hypotetisk fråga, men från vad jag läst och hört om Olof Palme, har jag svårt att tro att han blivit annat än vänsterpartist. Kanske bör man … Läs mer

28 december, 2012


When there are no obligations, the mind just shuts down; reading, studying, cleaning, or even exercising sucks. However, in extremely stressful times the mind always wants to do everything; reading, … Läs mer

26 december, 2012

Cultural commentary: House S2E4

Tomorrow is Christmas Eve, the day in Sweden when we celebrate although the majority of the world celebrate the 25th. I am sitting beside our Christmas tree (i.e. a fir … Läs mer

23 december, 2012

Finally Medical School!!! Part 3: Sweden

Well, now I have told you about my adventures in England and Africa; now back to the beginning: Sweden. In the previous posts, I wrote about what I have experienced … Läs mer

23 december, 2012 · 1 kommentar

Finally Medical School!!! Part 2: Africa

I was not sure whether this or my England post should be first, but whatever, it probably does not matter. Now, this is the part of my endeavour toward med school … Läs mer

22 december, 2012 · 2 kommentarer


1. England Although I am very happy to be starting at the Karolinska Institute in January, my first dream was to study Medicine at a top-ranked university in England. That … Läs mer

20 december, 2012 · 2 kommentarer


Today marked the one-week anniversary (week-ersary?) of my admission to medical school! On Wednesday 12/12-2012, I got the admission results – and I had been accepted to the Karolinska Institute … Läs mer

19 december, 2012

Facebook addiction

Hello! I have more or less always known that I post a lot of crap and, for the great majority, uninteresting things on my Facebook wall. There are comments on … Läs mer

13 december, 2012

On the Nobel Peace Prize

I am just now watching the very introduction of the live broadcast of the Nobel Prize award ceremony in Stockholm. I am very impressed by the whole concept and am … Läs mer

10 december, 2012

The virtues of Sherlock Holmes

I am currently watching the Sherlock series, a televised 4-programme series created in the UK 2010. I love the Sherlock Holmes films and concept, and only wish I had the … Läs mer

4 december, 2012

World AIDS Day: my AIDS stories

So, today, December 1st, is the UN’s World AIDS Day. This day was first announced in 1988 when the disease still was relatively new as a means of perhaps first … Läs mer

2 december, 2012

A striking introduction

  I just started reading James Orbinski’s An Imperfect Offering: Dispatches From the Medical Frontline, a book I received a couple of days ago. After just two pages I was struck … Läs mer

29 november, 2012

New books

Once again, I have received a bunch of books. I ordered them from the Swedish book shop Bokia. As you may see, I have chosen books after a certain theme … Läs mer

28 november, 2012