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John Guidetti and Daniel Adams-Ray: the John Guidetti Foundation

I just stumbled upon – by mere chance – a Facebook page that says that it represents the John Guidetti Foundation. So, I made some research in order to establish if this was a real organisation and whether or not it really was the football player John Guidetti who was doing this or if it was fake.

John Guidetti might be a superb football player, but his African up-bringing has influenced the man John Guidetti, as well.

I was actually just checking through Daniel Adams-Ray’s (Swedish well-known musician) Facebook page, when I saw that he had ”liked” another page, named the John Guidetti Foundation. By now, most of us know who Guidetti is, but for those of you who do not know, he is a 19 year old football striker playing for Manchester City (however, at the moment residing in Dutch side Feyenoord) and the Swedish national team. He has lived in Kenya for 5 years of his life, because his parents were working there, and has remained greatly influenced by this time in his life. As a fellow ”mzungu” (I have lived and worked in Tanzania for 5 weeks, where the Swahili word ”mzungu” means ”foreigner” or ”white man”), I truly admire Guidetti’s skill as a footballer as well as his dominant, charismatic, yet humble, persona. Adams-Ray lived in Kenya until he turned 12, so these two are of the same background (see the video at the bottom of this post).

So, I clicked the link and it took me to a newly started fan page (it was just 8 hours old) which had just eight fans. I can proudly announce that I became its ninth fan! Although I know that Guidetti has been involved in helping his former team with material, I did not know there was a formal organisation. So, I googled it and found virtually nothing, but an article from the Swedish Chamber of Commerce in the Netherlands, which just this week staged an event including Daniel Adams-Ray and John Guidetti (again, see the video far down below). The article states the following:

”He [Guidetti] also impressed when he spoke about his John Guidetti Foundation, which works on a large scale to build football pitches in the slums of Kenya and other African countries. ”In addition, we help African football talents when they come to Europe”, said the socially engaged Guidetti.” (Note: this is a translation from the Dutch article, via Google Translate and editing)

So, evidently this foundation exists, although it might be small-scale or even a personal one just for the Guidetti family. Here is a clip, from the Foundation’s Youtube channel, where Guidetti visits Kenya and his former club Ligi Ndogo Academy to bring clothing, equipment, and some very wise and warning words. In the beginning of the video there is a short sequence of a car driving through the slums; I have experienced the very same but in the outskirts of Dar Es-Salaam in Tanzania. It really looks like that as soon as you get away from the most central and touristy areas.

A very inspiring man. Me myself have played in the highest Swedish U-19 league (the Premier Division Junior Elite), but I was not especially good and today I have quit playing that professionally. I feel a lot for both Adams-Ray and Guidetti, much because of my more or less healthy attachment to Africa, and I would love to spread the word further about this organisation, and that is why I wrote this post. I hope that you reading this will ”like” the page and share it further, because: is there anything better than the combination of football and helping the underprivileged? I actually sent a short private message to the fan page and offered my services/asked if I could contribute in any way to the work. I hope I get an answer, because it would be lovely to help – even the tiniest task – Guidetti in his endeavour, especially since I too love Africa and have been greatly influenced by what I saw there.

So, please, if you have come this far in reading my post, please share this fan page and spread the word about what Guidetti is doing in Kenya: http://www.facebook.com/pages/The-John-Guidetti-Foundation/286470294759540

Guess Guidetti. He evidently turned down opportunities to play with the richer teams, because he felt that this team, although poor, was so much better: Ligi Ndogo Academy/Impala Bromma Boys.

Guess Guidetti. He evidently turned down opportunities to play with the richer teams, because he felt that this team, although poor, was so much better: Ligi Ndogo Academy/Impala Bromma Boys.

I will end this post with some entertainment, namely the rap song ”Inga Problem” performed originally by Adams-Ray’s former hiphop duo Snook, but here starring him and… yes, John Guidetti…!

Daniel Adams-Ray and John Guidetti rapping:



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