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Dembisa Moyo

Dembisa Moyo.

Dembisa Moyo is a Zambian economist, educated at the prestigious institutes of Oxford (England) and Harvard (the US). She has written the book Dead Aid, which I ordered a few weeks back, and in order to give myself a sort of preview of the book – and also to gain some knowledge in general – I saw a few Youtube clips of her. She is strikingly charismatic and seems to be very sharp not only in rhetoric, but in mindset and attitude as well. Here is a good example of her charisma and rhetoric skills:

And here is a longer clip, with more emphasis of her ground principles, ideas, and with some humour as well:

Overall, these are the main points affiliated with her thoughts, as far as I have understood it:

  • three types of aid: emergency, charitable, and government aid
  • end ‘band-aid’ (pun on government aid) i.e. stop sending money to African governments, because it is lost because of corruption
  • do not stop sending money, but do it the right way i.e. stimulate business via micro-finance emphasis
  • African countries overall need an average growth rate of 7% per year in order to reach the goal of lifting people out of poverty (today around 3-4%, with some countries hitting double digits at times)
  • again, do not stop sending money – but direct it intelligently

I very much look forward to reading her book Dead Aid.



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