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International Water Day

The United Nations initiative ”International Water Day” highlights the lack of hygienic water all around the world. We often forget that the water we can get from the tap here in the West, is not available to everybody; our water we use to flush our toilets here is cleaner than the drinking water for 1 billion people and the sanitation water for another 1 billion.

In Tanzania and Zimbabwe, one has to buy water on bottle. Many litres of ”Kilimanjaro water” have passed through me. I could afford bottled drinking water – the safest sort. The people in the slums drank and still drink boiled water from arbitrary sources. At Mount Kilimanjaro, our porters took water directly from the streams and gave us.

People should not have to climb a mountain or move to the western part of the world in order to get clean drinking water and hygienic washing water – that is why the UN have issued this International Water Day, this very day, the 22nd of March.

Here is a link to a live stream of what the UN are doing today: http://www.fao.org/webcast/



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