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Bonne chance, Jim Yong Kim!

Today I congratulate Jim Yong Kim, the new head of the World Bank (American, of course, although Asian-American), who took office on July 2:nd.

Kim in his new office, at the World Bank.

I do not know very much about this man, apart from the fact that he is a doctor who has spoken out about fighting global poverty and disease. After a bit of extra reading I understand that he is the first non-financial or non-political professional to take office at the World Bank, by many seen as an organisation to battle poverty and by as many as a means of the rich world to exert dominance over the poor.

President Obama congratulating Kim at the latter’s inauguration,

Of course it was the American President, Barack Obama, that nominated Jim Yong Kim, earlier this year. As history has proven, the person nominated by an American president often gets the position. By tradition, an American is elected head of the World Bank whereas a European is elected head of the IMF, International Monetary Fund.

Kim is fam0us for his work with HIV/AIDS at the World Health Organisation (WHO) in 2003-2007, where he in 2004 was appointed director of the AIDS department and introduced measures that in 2007 meant that 7 million people underwent the treatments spurred by Kim’s reforms.

In his younger personal life, he was all of this at once: class president, valedictorian, football quarterback, and basketball point guard. Indeed a talented man. And of South-Korean heritage, just as me.

We in the world community want to see big changes in how the rich and powerful deal with the poor and helpless – and we demand betterment from the West’s side. Kim, you are now in charge – prove to us that you are worthy of the position as one of the most powerful men in the world when it comes to combatting poverty!

I hope it goes well! Bonne chance, Kim!



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