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Day 5: a book you wished you could live in

This is a post in the 30-day book challenge series.

This was a lovely question! Playful! Since Pokémon is not a book, I guess that the fantasy world I would love to live in would be:

Harry Potter – the series (1997-2007), J.K. Rowling

I guess I do not really have to motivate this choice – who does not want to live at Hogwarts, being able to perform magic and fight against the evils in the world? In addition, Emma Watson’s character Hermoine is the dream girl, truly!

Rowling really has created the most intriguing world for young adults, and together with the fact that we follow a boy’s maturing into a young man (just as most of us went through adolescence together with Harry, Ron, and Hermoine) makes it the perfect fit!

This is actually a choice I will not motivate further – it is so obvious already.


Close calls:

Lord of the Rings + The Hobbit – just as epic as the work of Rowling, however, because Rowling attached Harry Potter to the real world (London, Bulgaria, Sweden, Norway, etc.) it is simpler to relate to it. It is colder, though, and harsher – sword fighting, orcs, and the epoque of the Middle Ages/Dark Ages, albeit in a parallel (?) universe.

Le Petit Prince – the best-selling French novel ever takes place in our universe, yes, but the prince has the ability to travel between all planets, asteroids, and stars and meet the people inhabiting them. I would love to explore the universe and meet the drunk who drinks to forget the shame of drinking, vain man who has nobody to show off to, and the king with no subjects.

I do not read too much fantasy, and probably have never done, so my answers are perhaps a bit boring. But, I guess you agree with me, still!

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