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Finished: ”Half of a Yellow Sun”, by Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie

The other day, I finished Half of a Yellow Sun, written by the Nigerian author Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie. I will not review the book just yet, I have to let it sink it a bit first (and I have to gather my thoughts on the book), but the review is upcoming.

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However, I will tell you the general thoughts now after the book, which begin in pre-war Nigeria, in the early sixties. We follow a middle-class family, with a certain focus on three people: Olanna, the beautiful one of two twin sisters, Ugwu, Olanna’s houseboy, and Richard, Olanna’s twin siter Kainene’s British lover.

It is a masterpiece, without doubt, and is the best novel I have read since, probably, Animal Farm (high school literature) and To Kill a Mockingbird (read a few months after finishing high school)! It is epic, funny, deep, simple, tragic, and beautiful. It is not the easiest of reads, but it was worth it reading it in Adichie’s writing language, because I think it enhanced the sensation of being there.

It is indeed interesting to follow people that perhaps are not directly the main characters in the storyline, such as Ugwu and Richard, because it gives a depth and a distance to what is happening and Adichie manages to hence create a feeling that the reader is very close to the story (it is probably easier to sympathise with the expatriate Richard than the revolutionary lover of Olanna, Odenigbo: thus, the story to us becomes more real). In addition, the fact that we follow a middle-class family, a minority, the story never becomes a lecture – oh how important, and how wittingly done by Adichie!

So, upcoming, review of Half of a Yellow Sun:



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