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Day 6: my favourite young adult book

This is part of the 30-day book challenge.

Now, I do not really read adolescent literature, I actually never really have done so either. And NO, I have not read Twilight. However, I read this novel when I was younger and it is a borderline case I guess, and it even beats the Harry Potter series:

The Hobbit – there and back  again (Swedish: Bilbo – en hobbits äventyr, 1937), JRR Tolkien



Now, how come I choose this novel over the likes of Harry Potter? Well, it was the first real novel I read as a young teenager, probably during the later years of the so called ”lågstadiet”, meaning grades 1-6. This book – and this I am oh how happy for! – will be released as an epic film directed by Peter Jackson, who directed the Lord of the Rings trilogy films.

It is the prologue to the trilogy, and provides some clues to what happens in the following three novels. We meet a young Bilbo Baggins, a less old Gandalf the Grey, and of course a sneeky, hissing creature whose name I just happened to forget… This story is not primarily about the ring, which instead is included as more or less a secondary story (perhaps not even a story, just an event beside what actually goes on). The hobbit Bilbo loves nothing as much as his peace and quiet in the Shire, drinking his tea and enjoying the goods of life. However, when the opportunity to chasing down an old treasure arises, he reluctantly follows the wise wizard Gandalf on the most epic journey of his life, taking him throughout the lands, forests, and rivers of the amazing landscape of Tolkien.

It is not purely a Tolkienean novel in the sense of its style, where he does not write as heavily as in the later books. This book does contain the magnificent landscape descriptions to some degree, but they never become too much, nor does the personage become too complex. It is the perfect adventure novel – a fantasy book for the reader that is too mature to read fantasy, and to the child it is the gate to real literature.

Here is the trailer to the film (rather, Jackson has decided to split it in two parts, the first coming the winter of 2012):


Close calls:

Harry Potter series – and obvious choice, and it would have been my choice if I The Hobbit had not played such a vital role in my literary life.

Eragon series – I read the first two Eragon novels, written by Christopher Paolini (he started writing at the age of 14!), but really never caught on as in the Harry Potter novels or the hobbit.




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