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New books arrived

I just received a bunch of lovely books to sink my teeth into. Three of them are actually directly linked to Médecins Sans Frontières, the fourth one is a timeless classic and the fifth a nice pre-med school read.



No. 1, Fahrenheit 451 written by Ray Bradbury. Published in 1950. A timeless classic, which even my dad has read (I was quite surprised to hear that!), dealing with the power of knowledge, of information, of intellect. Or, so I would suppose, I have read 10 pages so far. But it is about a world where books are burned together with the houses where they are, criminally, hidden.


And the second one is Hope in Hell, a fantastic piece of semi-journalism from Dan Bortolotti. It was updated as late as 2010 and tells the story of MSF. I have read about 60 pages and have just started reading about how the organisation as we know it today came to existence. It is the first book or text anywhere, really, that tells this story, with e.g. the diabolic leading up to the leadership split (with the founder Bernard Kouchner leaving). I had high hopes – so far more than fulfilled!


The third book is a gathering of short stories, the One World anthology published by the publishing company the New Internationalist. An attempt to widen my literacy, as I want to try to read more international literature, not just English and Swedish. Here are the short stories in the anthology:


Trailing is a, from what I understand, memoir of a woman following her husband throughout Africa (Kenya) as he works for MSF. I do not know much more than this, but it is indeed a new concept for me – biography or novel? – and it will be a welcomed signing in my otherwise rather heavy library.


And so the last book. A Very Short Introduction to Medical Ethics I bought in order to have some sort of provision for a deeper knowledge of the more philosophical side of medicine. Perhaps also a book to base a possible BMAT essay question on?





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