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Minor Field Studies?

Sitting and researching what is meant by ”Minor Field Studies” in the Swedish university system. Since I have been to both Zimbabwe and Tanzania, I have at least one or two potential contacts that I could utilise to do a project abroad. Since medical schools in Sweden since 2007 requires a 30-college-point essay (that means: one semester, full-time essay), I have been thinking that I perhaps could do my project, my essay, abroad with a focus on a factor of global health in low-income countries.

You that follow me and this fantastically pretentious blog know that I am heavily inspired by the Karolinska Institute (KI) professor of Global Health, Hans Rosling, and since he officially still is employed by KI (I think), perhaps I could swing by his Gapminder Foundation and ask for advice or even contacts.

As far as I have understood, the project at KI is written during the 7th semester, ca veut dire after the third year. But this is just a project, not necessarily a Minor Field Study, and I try to research at this very moment whether these two can be combined (funding will be needed if one is to do a project abroad) because if it does qualify for it, the project could be funded by scholarships.

If you recognise this or know anything about it, please comment and sort it out for me! That would be lovely, thanks!


During studies at KI, one can apply to the 7,5 point course Global Health, in which a two-week placement in Laos, Ethiopia, Uganda, India, Vietnam, or Tanzania: http://beta.vms.streamuk.com/backend/epg/playAssets.asp?idc=10422&id=82162

This is the course I believe Hans Rosling taught at the time before he became famous in that word’s more populistic meaning. It is a short course, 7,5 points, but the fact that KI offers a study visit to a low-income country (sure, I have already seen that, but I think it would be so much more rewarding in a university setting and when I actually know and understand what I see). I am going to fight for this, for sure. I will just have to prepare and perform excellently in my tests so that I have a strong position when I apply to the course (which I presume is very popular).

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