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The future is yours to grab: Master of Science (Msc) in Global Health at UCL?

UCL is my absolute dream school. Would I have been accepted to both Oxford and UCL, UCL would have been my first choice. That thought probably contributed to my failure to get accepted at Oxford… However, even though I would take an undergraduate in Sweden, which I probably will be doing, I could possibly write a Master’s degree in the UK, depending on whether a Swedish Medical degree will qualify for the entry requirements at this or that university in England.

Perhaps! Perhaps…

The most attractive to me is the UCL Institute for Global Health Institute, which is the most internationally focused university in the UK, and perhaps Europe. I am not surprised that it is in top 10 world rankings constantly, because with all its various degrees, courses, and programmes one can undertake there at such a high level, the quality must be world-class.

So, why was I writing this post, now again? Oh, right, it just hit me that many doctors undertake master degrees (or even PhDs) after medical school (sometimes part-time, sometimes full-time, I guess PT is normal if one wants to work simultaneously). Here is the link to UCL’s Global Health site: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/global-health/education/msc-ghd/tabs/structure

The structure would be as follows: there are four different modules. Completing all core modules gives you a Postgraduate Certificate, all courses plus four optional modules from the optional modules section a Postgraduate Diploma, and all four modules plus the extra modules plus a dissertation gives a Master’s Degree. It is the Master that is the most attractive, and realistically the only one that would make a difference on paper, but that would take either 1 year full-time or 2 to 5 years part-time. That would mean that one would have to either not work at all and study full-time, or work PT in England (which would be hard for a Swedish student, if not impossible). Perhaps one would loose one’s newly-won touch for the clinical aspect of Medicine if one continues to study for another year after medical school? Perhaps do the 18 months foundation needed in Sweden to get the Medical License before studying? That would give me some funds to afford a Master’s Degree.

Term periods: September-December, January-March, April-June. But, I must have understood this, because according to this schedule a Master would take just 9 months, not 2 years as is often the case. Hmm, I have to check that up. However, now it seems that Glasgow University gives the Master in 12 months, or 24 months PT, so perhaps one year is enough? That would be great!

New plan: medical school in Sweden at the Karolinska Institute (ranked #1 in Sweden and #20 in the world), then either complete the 18 month-foundation in Sweden or apply directly to a Global Health Master in the UK, to finally achieve my dream of studying Medicine in Britain.  Oxford also offers a taught course (together with a research course). Realistic? I do not know. Impossible? I do not think so. Motivation? Oh, yes.


Here is the link to the course I looked at for this post: http://www.ucl.ac.uk/global-health/education/msc-ghd/index

A similar course is taught at the Karolinska Institute as well: http://ki.se/?d=11786&a=93625&l=sv&academicYear=12%2F13&url=%2Fselma%2Fselma%2Fprogramme%2F3GB12



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