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An excerpt from ”Trailing: a memoir”

Right now I read Kristin Louise Duncombe’s memoir novel Trailing: a memoir.

A trained psychoptherapist, she married an MSF doctor and left for Kenya and Nairobi. He, the archetypical cowboy hero doctor, but she felt utterly misplaced in the slums, although she had lived abroad for several years, being a diplomat’s daughter. In one passage, these lines struck me, since I just recently finished the Cholera part in the Forgotten Diseases series:

”Cholera kills fast – within one or two days. Dehydration a drop in temperature and blood pressure. The loss of sodium and potassium causes the vomiting. After that, coma and cardiac arrest.” (p. 79)

I have just got half-way through the 220-page book, so I cannot give you a review yet. But I can say that it is very interesting to follow an ‘outsider’ in the periphery of MSF, to see some of the downsides of possibly working for them, and see the psychological effects moving to a majority world country has even on the more habituated people.




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