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Long time no see – first update in three (?) weeks

So, quite a while since my last update. I am a bit behind on my two series (Tropical Forgotten Disease and 30-Day Book Challenge)

Quick update on: my doings at the moment and what I have read/am reading.


I have been very occupied by the second of the two available Physics high school courses in the Swedish national educational system (apart from the likes of the International Baccalaureate). I got A:s in both Physics 1 and Physics 2, and I am quite happy to have achieved those grades. I am an achiever when it comes to school, but Physics (especially the second course) is infamous in Sweden for being the toughest course out there. So, being able to get A:s in the two courses, having studied on my own without a teacher for 12 weeks straight, I am very satisfied. And, by the way, thank you, the Red Cross, for your extra-ordinary voluntary homework sessions you offered in my town’s library on Tuesday afternoons, I must say the two times I went I was really helped! Also, thank you Youtube and all of you out there putting in the effort of sharing your Physics videos with the rest of the world. Both these factors helped me a lot!


Of course I have read since last time. I tried to read as much as possible besides the Physics studies, in order to broaden my education. This is what I have read since last time:

Medical Ethics: A Very Short Introduction (2004), Tony Hope

Hope In Hell: Inside the World of Doctors Without Borders (2008), Dan Bortolotti

Trailing: A Memoir (2012), Kristin Louise Duncombe

Also, I have started reading David van Reybrouck’s amazing historical portrait of the Congo, Congo: A History. It is very large in volume, and I have read other things simultaneously, so it will take some time before I will finish it, but it is indeed a delightful, and not as horrifying as one might think, read.

Also, recently, me and a friend went to Stockholm and spent at least 4 hours in book shops in central Stockholm, and I bought these books:

Oscar et la dame rose (2002), Éric Emmanuel-Schmitt

Farewell to Arms (1922), Ernest Hemingway

Cutting for Stone (2009), Adam Verghese

African Trilogy: Things Fall Apart, No Longer at Ease, Arrow of God (), Chinua Achebe

I am really happy with all three purchases, because I have looked at them previously. However, neither one is part of my current 11-book wish list on the internet… Well, I guess that is another £100 lost in a future click-and-buy…


So, this was just a short update! More, I hope, follows in the near future. Cheerios.




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