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Four more years!

I took a printscreen from the Facebook page of ”Barack Obama” today. Courtesy of that page.


Have you ever seen a status, picture, or anything being ”liked” so much as this image? I have never seen anything being liked over a million times. After just 16 hours, this image, with the caption ”Four more years.” has got over 3.6 million likes.

Words are probably superfluous, but I will still write about this. The world thank America today, for choosing the sane man!

In 2008, I woke up to watch the newly elected President’s speech – that time I woke up just to fall in tears of joy when President Barack Obama spoke to the US and to the world as the first Black President in American history. Today, on November 7th of 2012, I woke up to watch the newly elected President hold his speech. I woke up to Barack Obama – and yes, I was moved to tears once again. Here, here is the sitting President’s victory speech, roaringly fresh:

Why is Obama great? Because he is the best choice at the moment, and not a bad one, to be fair. He ended the War on Iraq (yes, ON, not just IN), killed Osama Bin Laden, introduced the nation’s historic first universal healthcare act, and opened to way for Blacks, Latinos, Asians, and gays to join the American society on the same premises as Caucasians. He is not perfect and struggles with a conservative and re-active system, and the handling of e.g. Bradley Manning is despicable. However, in my eyes, his biggest deed is Obamacare – a feat that forwards the US in time, from a state of inequality and an insulting shame to a more modern and humane system of society, where all citizens are protected by the State.

Barack Obama is the most sane choice in a modern world. He is not a bigot, a slave under a fake and concocted religion such as Mormonism (although he is a Christian), and he is not a rightist-extremist or rightist-moderate or rightist-conservative or rightist-reformist; what the fudge was Mitt Romney, really? However, I liked part of Romney’s end speech. He hinted of Paul Ryan’s part in the Republican Party in the future – and that is a barrier that modern Americans must battle in four years time.

End note! Thank you, Barack – now, we hope you will continue to break the way and bring the US forward, to the future.




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