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Review of the Excess format

A while ago, I ordered two great books in another format than the usual pocket or hardback ones. I actually got them in the new Excess format.

It is actually an interesting idea, and I had checked the model out before, in stores, before eventually ordering review examples of Umberto Eco’s The Prague Cemetary and Rebecca Skloot’s The Immortal Life of Henrietta Lacks. The former I bought due to my keen interest in history and the human condition and the latter because of my inclination towards Medicine.

As you see, one reads the book at an angle… It looks a bit weird, and initially it is, but the great thing about it is that it is smaller than an iPhone and fits superbly into your jeans pocket. It is great to carry downtown, if you have 15 minutes to kill before you are going  to meet your friends or if you have a bus ride to football practice.

I have read a bit of Eco’s novel, and it is indeed exciting. It is very, very different from anything I have ever read – but I hoped for it to be so very revolutionising (for me). Throughout, there is a journal-format, where the main protagonist writes about his life as the owner of an antique shop and a counterfeiter of historic documents.

The pags are very thin – in a book like you see in the pictures there is 700 pages. They are about the thickness of the pages in a Bible. This has pros and cons. Sure, the book is very lightweight and manageable as compared to a 1-kilogram hardback, but one sees through the pages and the characters of the next pages shines through and does at times disturb the flow of reading. Also, one is always afraid to tear a page loose, due to the delicateness of the pages.

However, an interesting project and format. I also got a pocket (bottom picture, down left) and bookmarkers (down right), and especially the latter is just superb.


Note. This was not a commercial stunt, or anything, but it was a review of the format (since I ordered review copies of the novels).


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