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Want to improve foreign aid? Then, ”Shut up and listen!”

I am currently watching a rather funny, but still serious, lecture of Ernesto Sirolli, an Italian who has worked with and has immense experience of aid in Africa (he is also the founder of the Sirolli Institute). A great lesson for us who are interested in charities, aid, relief, and economic development: ”If people do not wish to be helped, leave them alone”. Of course he also says aid must be given with respect, respect of the people that receive the funds and respect of how they think they might use the money the very best.

Also, he makes a brilliant distinction between being paternalistic (caring like a father) and patronising (treating others as servants).

Sirolli actually mentions Dambisa Moyo’s Dead Aid, a book that I actually have in my personal library but not yet have got myself to read. This great lecture indeed makes me much more prone to read it!



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