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New books

Once again, I have received a bunch of books. I ordered them from the Swedish book shop Bokia. As you may see, I have chosen books after a certain theme (I do not know whether I did this exprès [French for on purpose] or not) – medicine.

Here are the books (priced at approximately 8 pounds each):


One by one, from top left to bottom right.

Complications  – Atul Gawande. Notes on the profession of surgery. He has also written Better, which I intend to buy if Complications is worth reading. Amazon.com’s visitors have rated it at four and a half stars – a very high rating.

Mountains Beyond Mountains: the Quest of Dr Paul Farmer – Tracy Kidder. A biography of the doctor Paul Farmer, who travelled to work with people in low-income countries. Four and a half stars at Amazon.com!

An Imperfect Offering – James Orbinski. Dr. James Orbinski’s, I suppose, semi-auto-biography, as an account of his work as for instance president of Médecins Sans Frontières. Also four and a half stars!

Six Months in Sudan – James Maskalyk. This doctor wrote about his experiences in Sudan during a six-month mission for MSF initially in blog form. Now, released as a book, also at a four and a half star-rating!

Which to I have the highest hopes for? Well, since Dr James Orbinski was the one that held the brilliantly bold and straightforward Nobel Peace Prize acceptance speech for MSF in 1999, An Imperfect Offering just has to be good!


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