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On the Nobel Peace Prize

I am just now watching the very introduction of the live broadcast of the Nobel Prize award ceremony in Stockholm. I am very impressed by the whole concept and am indeed inspired by all the glamour around it. This, this is the very crème de la crème of the scientific world – the rock stars, if you want.

The prizes overall seem to be justified, and I cannot really say if another idea or scientist/writer/economist should have received a prize, since I know so very little (but perhaps Haruki Murakami is closing in on the Literature Prize) about them. However, one of the laureates we indeed know.

Well, the choice of the European Union as the laureate of the Nobel Peace Prize is controversial because of the tensions within it in the moment. However, to keep this short, I must say that the EU if any governmental institution is indeed justified this prize. Since WWII, there have been no large-scale wars as the Crimean War, WWI, or WWII, and we must all admit that the formation of the EU and the UN contributed to the peace and relative stability.

Yes, at the moment we have problems within the EU – but we are not even near any wars. These are problems we solve by loans, writing-off of debts, and of financial measures, not by warships and bombs.

Concisely speaking: the EU does indeed deserve this prize, but now was perhaps a bad timing other that it might serve as a motivating factor to bring about solutions within the organisation in the very near future.

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