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Medicine is a very philosophical endeavour

To generalise, life is about embracing one’s humanity (or, in some cases, heed to a fictional being that there are 2 800 versions of). Humanity’s essence is the thinking process, as e.g. of the Enlightenment. The Enlightenment was about thinking actively about life, science, and everything thereto. And, to contemplate the world and universe we live in is to philosophise. Hence, life must have a philosophic meaning – one that we actively seek and that we establish by our own definitions of life and humanity.

Medicine is the closest to a cross-section of life we come. We meet people from all classes when they are the most exposed, hurt, and afraid – we see them as they are and not as they want to be; naked. We hence indulge ourselves in bettering the lives of others. Thus, it follows that we work for the betterment of humanity. And, as stated, humanity is philosophy.

Medicine has to be the most philosophical endeavour we as human beings can embark upon – at least it is at the very top of such professions – but we will never see the absolute truth (is there one?). Or do we already? Because, the truth is that we all are nothing but randomly spawned organisms, not worth more, in an omnipotent being’s perspective, than the person next to us. Gladly, we get the opportunity to give that person another chance, to let him or her philosophise on for at least the next day, or the next hour; that might suffice for them to find out why they have lived and perhaps see into that absolute truth.


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