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A striking introduction

  I just started reading James Orbinski’s An Imperfect Offering: Dispatches From the Medical Frontline, a book I received a couple of days ago. After just two pages I was struck … Läs mer

29 november, 2012

New books

Once again, I have received a bunch of books. I ordered them from the Swedish book shop Bokia. As you may see, I have chosen books after a certain theme … Läs mer

28 november, 2012

Review of the Excess format

A while ago, I ordered two great books in another format than the usual pocket or hardback ones. I actually got them in the new Excess format. It is actually … Läs mer

21 november, 2012

New books – medical theme

I just ordered four new books, and once again they all share a common theme: medicine. I have a lot of literature, most of it purchased for money I probably … Läs mer

14 november, 2012

An excerpt from ”Trailing: a memoir”

Right now I read Kristin Louise Duncombe’s memoir novel Trailing: a memoir. A trained psychoptherapist, she married an MSF doctor and left for Kenya and Nairobi. He, the archetypical cowboy hero … Läs mer

6 oktober, 2012

Day 12: a book that is most like your life

This is part of the 30-day book challenge. Hmm, this was a difficult one. I do not think I have come across such a novel yet, but just the other day I … Läs mer

5 oktober, 2012

Book review: Justice -what’s the right thing to do? (2009), Michael Sandel

Justice – what’s the right thing to do? (2009), Michael Sandel Title: Justice – what’s the right thing to do? Author: Michael Sandel (Harvard professor, United States) Grading: 5/5 Genre: … Läs mer

30 september, 2012

Day 11: A book from my favourite author

Now this list is almost getting boring, it is just the same book over and over again! I guess you all recognise the following three lines, coming from George Orwell’s Nineteen … Läs mer

28 september, 2012

Day 10: a book that changed my life

    Part of the 30-day book challenge. A book that changed my life? Easy. Animal Farm (1943), George Orwell The one novel that made an impression on me – perhaps the … Läs mer

25 september, 2012

New books arrived

I just received a bunch of lovely books to sink my teeth into. Three of them are actually directly linked to Médecins Sans Frontières, the fourth one is a timeless … Läs mer

21 september, 2012

The red thread – culture

Life is an intertwined mess. The information overflow of modern society makes it so. The complexity of the human mind has always been there. These two might seem to inspire … Läs mer

21 september, 2012

Book review: Why I Write (1946), George Orwell

Why I Write (1946), George Orwell Title: Why I Write (1946) Author: George Orwell (England/India) Grading: 3/5 Genre: non-fiction, essays Reminds me of: Long Walk to Freedom (Nelson Mandela) Why? The main … Läs mer

17 september, 2012

Book review: Heart of Darkness (1902) – Joseph Conrad

Heart of Darkness (1902), Joseph Conrad Title: Heart of Darkness (1902) Author: Joseph Conrad (Poland/Great Britain) Grading: 5/5 Genre: Fiction, novella Reminds me of: One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Ken Kesey), Doctor Glas … Läs mer

12 september, 2012

Five new books ordered! Theme: Doctors Without Borders

I had to order a new Physics course book for the second Physics course I am taking in two weeks’ time (Physics 1 and Physics 2 are required to apply … Läs mer

11 september, 2012

Book review: Le Petit Prince

    It is France’s most sold novel, ever, which is pretty impressive not just in the competition of dozens of legendary philosophers and a vibrant cultural life overall (Le … Läs mer

9 september, 2012



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