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Want to improve foreign aid? Then, ”Shut up and listen!”

I am currently watching a rather funny, but still serious, lecture of Ernesto Sirolli, an Italian who has worked with and has immense experience of aid in Africa (he is … Läs mer

26 november, 2012

Review of the Excess format

A while ago, I ordered two great books in another format than the usual pocket or hardback ones. I actually got them in the new Excess format. It is actually … Läs mer

21 november, 2012

New books – medical theme

I just ordered four new books, and once again they all share a common theme: medicine. I have a lot of literature, most of it purchased for money I probably … Läs mer

14 november, 2012


I want  #doinggoodiscontagious!

13 november, 2012

First rejection

Just read that UCL turned my application down. Not surprising, because they just accept you to one interview – if you fail, you cannot reapply next year. And, last application … Läs mer

10 november, 2012

Four more years!

  Have you ever seen a status, picture, or anything being ”liked” so much as this image? I have never seen anything being liked over a million times. After just … Läs mer

7 november, 2012

Long time no see – first update in three (?) weeks

So, quite a while since my last update. I am a bit behind on my two series (Tropical Forgotten Disease and 30-Day Book Challenge) Quick update on: my doings at … Läs mer

4 november, 2012

Forgotten Disease: Kala Azar | part 6/13

This is the fifth disease I present in the forgotten disease series, in which I in layman’s terms present Kala Azar. Kala Azar: visceral leishmaniasis Now, do not shy away … Läs mer

12 oktober, 2012

Forgotten disease: HIV/AIDS | part 5/13

There is one disease that is more stigmatised than the others, one that is not forgotten in its defining sense, but which is forgotten in the sense that treatment is … Läs mer

8 oktober, 2012

An excerpt from ”Trailing: a memoir”

Right now I read Kristin Louise Duncombe’s memoir novel Trailing: a memoir. A trained psychoptherapist, she married an MSF doctor and left for Kenya and Nairobi. He, the archetypical cowboy hero … Läs mer

6 oktober, 2012

Forgotten Disease: fistulas | part 4/13

In this post I will present the phenomenon known colloquially as fistula. Obstetric fistulas This is not a disease, but a physical problem that occurs during childbirth. It is heavily stigmatised … Läs mer

5 oktober, 2012

Day 12: a book that is most like your life

This is part of the 30-day book challenge. Hmm, this was a difficult one. I do not think I have come across such a novel yet, but just the other day I … Läs mer

5 oktober, 2012

The future is yours to grab: Master of Science (Msc) in Global Health at UCL?

UCL is my absolute dream school. Would I have been accepted to both Oxford and UCL, UCL would have been my first choice. That thought probably contributed to my failure … Läs mer

5 oktober, 2012

Minor Field Studies?

Sitting and researching what is meant by ”Minor Field Studies” in the Swedish university system. Since I have been to both Zimbabwe and Tanzania, I have at least one or … Läs mer

2 oktober, 2012

Book review: Justice -what’s the right thing to do? (2009), Michael Sandel

Justice – what’s the right thing to do? (2009), Michael Sandel Title: Justice – what’s the right thing to do? Author: Michael Sandel (Harvard professor, United States) Grading: 5/5 Genre: … Läs mer

30 september, 2012