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Day 12: a book that is most like your life

This is part of the 30-day book challenge. Hmm, this was a difficult one. I do not think I have come across such a novel yet, but just the other day I … Läs mer

5 oktober, 2012

Day 10: a book that changed my life

    Part of the 30-day book challenge. A book that changed my life? Easy. Animal Farm (1943), George Orwell The one novel that made an impression on me – perhaps the … Läs mer

25 september, 2012

Day 5: a book you wished you could live in

This is a post in the 30-day book challenge series. This was a lovely question! Playful! Since Pokémon is not a book, I guess that the fantasy world I would … Läs mer

30 augusti, 2012

Day 4: a book that made me cry

Referring back to this list. A book that made me cry. Hmm, should I really disclose something this private? Well, okey then. The first story to make my eyes tear … Läs mer

30 augusti, 2012

Day 2: my least favourite book

Referring back to this list. Yesterday I gave you the title of my favourite novel, today it is the opposite – I present to you my least favourite novel, but bear … Läs mer

27 augusti, 2012

30-day book challenge: day 0,5

I might be one or a couple years late with this, but I did not stumble upon this challenge until today. It is a project over 30 days, wherein a … Läs mer

25 augusti, 2012 · 2 kommentarer