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2012: a year of Reversion

Last year, I spent a few days creating a long review of the year 2011, resulting in the post ”2011: a year of revolution”, and, while the previous year was … Läs mer

27 december, 2012

Finally Medical School!!! Part 2: Africa

I was not sure whether this or my England post should be first, but whatever, it probably does not matter. Now, this is the part of my endeavour toward med school … Läs mer

22 december, 2012 · 2 kommentarer

World AIDS Day: my AIDS stories

So, today, December 1st, is the UN’s World AIDS Day. This day was first announced in 1988 when the disease still was relatively new as a means of perhaps first … Läs mer

2 december, 2012

Want to improve foreign aid? Then, ”Shut up and listen!”

I am currently watching a rather funny, but still serious, lecture of Ernesto Sirolli, an Italian who has worked with and has immense experience of aid in Africa (he is … Läs mer

26 november, 2012

Forgotten disease: HIV/AIDS | part 5/13

There is one disease that is more stigmatised than the others, one that is not forgotten in its defining sense, but which is forgotten in the sense that treatment is … Läs mer

8 oktober, 2012

Forgotten Disease: fistulas | part 4/13

In this post I will present the phenomenon known colloquially as fistula. Obstetric fistulas This is not a disease, but a physical problem that occurs during childbirth. It is heavily stigmatised … Läs mer

5 oktober, 2012

Day 12: a book that is most like your life

This is part of the 30-day book challenge. Hmm, this was a difficult one. I do not think I have come across such a novel yet, but just the other day I … Läs mer

5 oktober, 2012

Book review: Heart of Darkness (1902) – Joseph Conrad

Heart of Darkness (1902), Joseph Conrad Title: Heart of Darkness (1902) Author: Joseph Conrad (Poland/Great Britain) Grading: 5/5 Genre: Fiction, novella Reminds me of: One Flew over the Cuckoo’s Nest (Ken Kesey), Doctor Glas … Läs mer

12 september, 2012

Day 9: a book that makes you sick

This is day nine of the 30-day book challenge. Difficult one. I think I have never read a book that actually makes me sick. Sorry for this boring answer, but … Läs mer

9 september, 2012

Book review ”Half of a Yellow Sun”

Half of a Yellow Sun (2007), Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie Title: Half of a Yellow Sun (2007) Author: Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie (Nigeria) Grading: 5/5 Genre: Fiction, African Reminds me of: Animal Farm (George Orwell) … Läs mer

5 september, 2012 · 1 kommentar

I read ”The No-Nonsense Guide to World Health”

The No-nonsense Guide to World Health (2007) Author: Dr. Shereen Usdin Genre: non-fiction Grading: 3/5 *** So, I am back to writing in English. I guess I am going to flick … Läs mer

16 augusti, 2012

BRICS’ aid upsurge

Lately, in the year that has passed with economic crises and crumbling economies in the western world, or perhaps even the last months, there have been an upsurge of talk … Läs mer

27 april, 2012

Dembisa Moyo

Dembisa Moyo is a Zambian economist, educated at the prestigious institutes of Oxford (England) and Harvard (the US). She has written the book Dead Aid, which I ordered a few … Läs mer

12 mars, 2012