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Day 11: A book from my favourite author

Now this list is almost getting boring, it is just the same book over and over again! I guess you all recognise the following three lines, coming from George Orwell’s Nineteen … Läs mer

28 september, 2012

Day 10: a book that changed my life

    Part of the 30-day book challenge. A book that changed my life? Easy. Animal Farm (1943), George Orwell The one novel that made an impression on me – perhaps the … Läs mer

25 september, 2012

Day 7: a book that you can quote/recite

This is day 7 of the 30-day book challenge. I should probably know 20 quotes from two books in particular: Per Anders Fogelström’s City of My Dreams and Göran Tunström’s The Christmas Oratio. One … Läs mer

2 september, 2012

30-Day Book Challenge – day 1: Favourite book

So, this post refers to this list, the so called 30-day book challenge where bloggers and book nerds for 30 days answers a question from the list per day. Today, … Läs mer

26 augusti, 2012