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Want to improve foreign aid? Then, ”Shut up and listen!”

I am currently watching a rather funny, but still serious, lecture of Ernesto Sirolli, an Italian who has worked with and has immense experience of aid in Africa (he is … Läs mer

26 november, 2012

Dembisa Moyo

Dembisa Moyo is a Zambian economist, educated at the prestigious institutes of Oxford (England) and Harvard (the US). She has written the book Dead Aid, which I ordered a few … Läs mer

12 mars, 2012

The moral issues of KONY 2012 – where should the money go to?

Well, I never expected that my first post in the Global Health category would be one dealing with ethical issues, even less that it should deal with one of the … Läs mer

8 mars, 2012 · 4 kommentarer