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World AIDS Day: my AIDS stories

So, today, December 1st, is the UN’s World AIDS Day. This day was first announced in 1988 when the disease still was relatively new as a means of perhaps first … Läs mer

2 december, 2012

Forgotten disease: HIV/AIDS | part 5/13

There is one disease that is more stigmatised than the others, one that is not forgotten in its defining sense, but which is forgotten in the sense that treatment is … Läs mer

8 oktober, 2012

New series: mini doctor and tropical disease part 1/13

As you know, my plan is to become a doctor, and Médecins Sans Frontières has served as the major inspirational source to this dream. I have followed their work, and … Läs mer

24 september, 2012 · 1 kommentar

Bonne chance, Jim Yong Kim!

Today I congratulate Jim Yong Kim, the new head of the World Bank (American, of course, although Asian-American), who took office on July 2:nd. I do not know very much … Läs mer

2 juli, 2012