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Finally Medical School!!! Part 3: Sweden

Well, now I have told you about my adventures in England and Africa; now back to the beginning: Sweden. In the previous posts, I wrote about what I have experienced … Läs mer

23 december, 2012 · 1 kommentar

Finally Medical School!!! Part 2: Africa

I was not sure whether this or my England post should be first, but whatever, it probably does not matter. Now, this is the part of my endeavour toward med school … Läs mer

22 december, 2012 · 2 kommentarer


1. England Although I am very happy to be starting at the Karolinska Institute in January, my first dream was to study Medicine at a top-ranked university in England. That … Läs mer

20 december, 2012 · 2 kommentarer


Today marked the one-week anniversary (week-ersary?) of my admission to medical school! On Wednesday 12/12-2012, I got the admission results – and I had been accepted to the Karolinska Institute … Läs mer

19 december, 2012

Minor Field Studies?

Sitting and researching what is meant by ”Minor Field Studies” in the Swedish university system. Since I have been to both Zimbabwe and Tanzania, I have at least one or … Läs mer

2 oktober, 2012