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Medicine is a very philosophical endeavour

To generalise, life is about embracing one’s humanity (or, in some cases, heed to a fictional being that there are 2 800 versions of). Humanity’s essence is the thinking process, … Läs mer

31 januari, 2013

Finally Medical School!!! Part 3: Sweden

Well, now I have told you about my adventures in England and Africa; now back to the beginning: Sweden. In the previous posts, I wrote about what I have experienced … Läs mer

23 december, 2012 · 1 kommentar


Today marked the one-week anniversary (week-ersary?) of my admission to medical school! On Wednesday 12/12-2012, I got the admission results – and I had been accepted to the Karolinska Institute … Läs mer

19 december, 2012

The virtues of Sherlock Holmes

I am currently watching the Sherlock series, a televised 4-programme series created in the UK 2010. I love the Sherlock Holmes films and concept, and only wish I had the … Läs mer

4 december, 2012

Forgotten Disease: fistulas | part 4/13

In this post I will present the phenomenon known colloquially as fistula. Obstetric fistulas This is not a disease, but a physical problem that occurs during childbirth. It is heavily stigmatised … Läs mer

5 oktober, 2012

The future is yours to grab: Master of Science (Msc) in Global Health at UCL?

UCL is my absolute dream school. Would I have been accepted to both Oxford and UCL, UCL would have been my first choice. That thought probably contributed to my failure … Läs mer

5 oktober, 2012

New books arrived

I just received a bunch of lovely books to sink my teeth into. Three of them are actually directly linked to Médecins Sans Frontières, the fourth one is a timeless … Läs mer

21 september, 2012

I feel like a miniature doctor when I…

… watch Grey’s Anatomy and see a case of Compartment Syndrome and link it to what I saw in Dar Es-Salaam, the case of pyomyositis, google it and do find … Läs mer

25 augusti, 2012

I read ”The No-Nonsense Guide to World Health”

The No-nonsense Guide to World Health (2007) Author: Dr. Shereen Usdin Genre: non-fiction Grading: 3/5 *** So, I am back to writing in English. I guess I am going to flick … Läs mer

16 augusti, 2012

The power of checklists

The surgeon and journalist Atul Gawande is here talking about how to make modern medicine more efficient, in a climate where treatment, equipment, and medicines are becoming increasingly expensive. It … Läs mer

17 april, 2012