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Medicine is a very philosophical endeavour

To generalise, life is about embracing one’s humanity (or, in some cases, heed to a fictional being that there are 2 800 versions of). Humanity’s essence is the thinking process, … Läs mer

31 januari, 2013

Book review: Justice -what’s the right thing to do? (2009), Michael Sandel

Justice – what’s the right thing to do? (2009), Michael Sandel Title: Justice – what’s the right thing to do? Author: Michael Sandel (Harvard professor, United States) Grading: 5/5 Genre: … Läs mer

30 september, 2012

The red thread – culture

Life is an intertwined mess. The information overflow of modern society makes it so. The complexity of the human mind has always been there. These two might seem to inspire … Läs mer

21 september, 2012

30-Day Book Challenge – day 1: Favourite book

So, this post refers to this list, the so called 30-day book challenge where bloggers and book nerds for 30 days answers a question from the list per day. Today, … Läs mer

26 augusti, 2012